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Sarada Vilas Teachers College Mysore

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Welcome to Sarada Vilas Teachers College


In order to develop creativity and to strengthen the habit of writing , the college has many avenues opened to the students. ‘Bharathi’ is the annual college magazine. Along with this every subject club brings out its own manuscript magazines. Some of them are:

Chitta Chittara

  • "A bulletin board for daily write ups"                                             .                                                                                                                                               One of the striking featuresof the college is a free wallboard named ‘ Chitta Chittara’ which provides open and liberal space forthe students to air out their feelings about the proceedings of the college. 

Kannada Department

  • "Sharadavani"  --    Weekly wall Magazine 
  • "Dhathu" --  Manuscript Magazine 



  • "Nisaraga"  -- Annual Manuscript magazine
  • "Bhoomika"  -   Weekly Magazine  
  • "Bhoogola Masa" -  Annual Manuscript magazine 


  • "Ithihasa Sankalana"-    Annual Manuscript magazine
  • "Charitha" -   News Letter 


  • "Vismaya"    --  Weekly wall magazine


  • "Wisdom" -   Wall Paper
  • " Inspirer"  -  Annual Manuscript magazine


  • "Dravya" -    Annual Manuscript magazine

Alumni Association has brought out monographs and books on education for the benefit of the student of education and teachers at large.