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Welcome to Sarada Vilas Teachers College
Department of Physics





The scientist study nature because it is useful; he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights in it because it is beautiful. If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing, and if nature were not worth knowing, life would not be worth living.

Jules Henri Poincaré (1854-1912) French mathematician.


To make an individual competent to the co-operate world, help him grow intellectually honest & to mould him as a man with reflective thinking.


  • Helping  the young mind grow with intellectually honest
  • To develop inquisitiveness and the spirit questioning and curiosity
  • To develop scientific attitude and temper.

Objectives of the Physics department

  • To develop the scientific attitude, Spirit of co-operation, scientific temper & scientific approach.
  • To recall the contributions of the Indian scientists in pursuits of science.
  • To develop in students the quality intellectual honesty.
  • To develop in students a scientific culture.
  • To foster critical attitude against superstitious belief.


The department of Physics has departmental library and a laboratory, this increases the knowledge and the quest to know facts in science & it is the place which enhances the knowledge in physics as we come closer to the use of practicability by doing it thy self.

The department of Physics as a wall paper and also release the magazine called “Vismaya” which means “Wonders” in Science.

The department provides an opportunity to every student of science to come with their ideas and understanding in Physics we provide an opportunity for every student-teacher to have writing on the famous physicists and also their contributions and the articles are posted in the bulletin board called “Vismaya”. The wonders in science.

Physics Laboratory

  • The department of Physics has a small but very good and attractive laboratory  where the apparatus are arranged systematically according to the needs of the students & the department also maintains to have a separate lending register where the apparatus  lended to the students will be registered by the teacher-educator herself. The students work in the laboratory whenever they are free and the lab apparatus are lended during the practice teaching session which gives him/her the hands on experience ones gets through it.

The Manuscript Vismaya

  • The manuscript “Vismaya” is released every year by the department of physics. The students are made to work on it. Every student individually contributes an article in physics of his interest. It may be collection of information or in the form of poetry or his/her ideas in relation to the field of science/Physics. It is a non-print material developed by our students every year. Since last year we are releasing the magazine half yearly.

The Bulletin board “Vismaya”

  • The students of physics will write an article on any topic of their choice in Physics, they also post the paper cutting in science and sometimes any important information from the internet will be displayed on the bulletin board called “Vismaya” for a period of a week. The students are branched out here as a group of 5 -6 students/group depending on the total number of students for the methodology of physics. Usually 6 groups of 5 each is the selection made.

Workshop on Teaching Aids

  • Every year we organize the workshop in “Preparation of teaching aids” where every teacher-educator help their concerned student-teachers in preparing the charts concerned to their methodologies. We are going to train the students in drawing the outline for a chart and then the size of the letters to be varied while writing the topic and the contents and the pictorial representation and guiding them in the preparation of the low cost and no cost teaching materials. Also we guide them in the preparation of the instructional materials such as “Computer Assisted Lesson Plan”.
  • Orientation on preparation of teaching aid is conducted in the department.
  • Preparation of teaching aids such as charts & models are done by the student-teacher.

Scrap Book

  • The scrap book contains the collection of articles on Physicists and also on the inventions and discoveries in Physics. The Scrap book is the new addition to the department of Physics. 

Assignment List

The list of assignments assigned to the students for semester III are set & they are displayed.

Tutorial List

The list of tutorial topics assigned for the semester III are displayed.

Apparatus List

The lists of apparatus are maintained in a separate book. The Apparatus required for the high school syllabus are placed in the stock with a rack.


The departments of Physics have little collection of books in Physics and these books are made available to the students to read in the free hours and some of the students make use of it and read in the department during their leisure time. Books related to physics and books related to English Novel and Magazines in physics and a Journal called break through science are available in the department of physics.

Concept Catalogue

The concept catalogue for physics depicts the picture of the entire syllabus and its contents and the books to be referred in this context are all given and it is been made ready by the teacher-educator. 

CAI packages done by the teacher-educator

The instructional materials designed by the teacher-educator to teach the subject Physics effectively such as the Power Point Presentation and the preparation of unitization and question bank in Physics and the videos related to the activities in Physics.

CAI packages done by the student- teacher

The instructional materials designed by the student-teacher during the practice-teaching is been the students used by our students to teach a concept with the usage of computer aided instruction in the form of a computerized lesson plan and also by showing the pictures from online and by showing few videos related to their concepts in teaching science.

Usage of OHP transparencies

The teacher-educator uses transparencies by using the Over Head Projector (OHP) and explains few concepts of physics very effectively to the students in teaching the methodology of teaching physics.

A Introductory Speech by the Previous batch Physics student to the present batch students

Every year one of the previous year batch student who has scored high in the subject will be asked to share their opinion about the department and also the books which the student can refer too will be discussed and a formal talk with the present batch students helps the newly arrived students to be fear free and which indeed helps them to be active during their stay in the college.


The unitization is the summary of every unit in Physics which highlights the points and which gives a brief note on each unit and which helps the students in their preparation for examination.

The unitization in Physics is done on very unit for the semester I and for the semester II.


The question bank in Physics is a bank which provides the maximum number of questions from every unit. The essay type questions, the short answer a type question are added in the question bank which helps the student in bridging his understanding in the concept and helps him to face the examination with less or no fear

Websites in Physics

The website address in teaching Physics for high schooling are  provided with the web links and the sites in the websites which helps the student-teacher in making himself ready for the class and helping him to bridge the knowledge in physics through simple and easy experiments and making it more interesting .

Videos related to Physics

I hear I forget, I see I remember but if I see and I hear do better and its very true in Physics few videos with respect to the teaching of physics are used for the teaching in the class  and few videos with respect to the   contents in Physics for the class 8th and for the class 9th are restored and are used during the teaching-practice sessions by our students.. Learning becomes joyful and interesting.

Students Feedback about the department

Student’s opinion about the department of Physics is recorded in a book and is been maintained. Every student of Physics is open to post their opinion towards the department but not every student shares his/her feedback but those only who feel like giving an opinion with respect to the department comes forward in giving the opinion and  suggestions any suggestion given by the students  will be adopted and implemented for further inclusion. 

Student’s profile

The student profile gives a brief note of every student of the department and this student’s profile is preserved by the teacher-educator which may indeed help the teacher in knowing the details of the students if needed

List of Posters

The list of posters of most of the scientist’s pictures & their contributions towards the society are hanged to the wall in the department. 

Demonstrations classes done by the previous year batch students and the high school teachers

The demonstrations classes for the class 8th or 9th will be done by our previous batch students every year before our students leave for practice in teaching sessions.

Other Science related activities

  1. Buzz session

Usually the buss session is done to all the students of science in general and a common topic in science will be selected such as

  • Eradication of Superstitious belief.
  • Development of Scientific Attitude.
  • Values of Science in daily life.
  • Role of science in the modern world.
  • Role of Physics in daily life

2. Brain storming

The brain storming and the buss session are quite similar in nature they make every student to be actively involved in the discussion on a certain topic in physics. It makes the student to come up with his ideas on a concept and to develop the same.

We can thereby justify and say that they are very closely linked with the constructive approach.

3. ECG Test

It is a test which is usually done in all the departments including the department of physics  which tests the students content knowledge in the content. The pre-test and the post test scores are measured to know whether there is an increase in the score from pre-test to the post-test score.


The Quiz competition in the department of Physics is organized every year in which very few number of students attend the quiz and bags the prize.

Debate Competition

The topic for the debate are given to the students such as

  • Role of Science in the modern world Vs the traditional world.
  • The uses & the hazards in using mobiles.
  • Science yesterday, today and tomorrow its merits & demerits on the living world.
  • The UV rays its advantages and disadvantages
  • Science and You

Use of “Models in teaching  Physics”

The models of teaching are used the teaching physics. The models such as

  1. Concept attainment model.
  2. Inquiry training model are the model which is commonly used by our students and which is usually practiced in the classroom