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Sarada Vilas Teachers College Mysore

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Welcome to Sarada Vilas Teachers College


History of Sarada Vilas Educational Institutions

A Brief History of Sarada Vilas Educational Institutions

Sarada Vilas Educational Institutions dates back to 1816, when it had a glorious beginning, with its founder the illustrious Rao Bahadur Bakshi Narasappa starting in Mysore city a school called "Sarada Vilas Pathashala" to teach Sanskrit with the Royal patronage of His Highness, the Late Maharaja Sri Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. It soon shot into prominence, became a full-fledged primary school in 1870, and established itself at Lansdown Buildings in 1901 with orientation to Anglo Sanskrit teaching.

The impetus given by the Regency and the elite educationists of yester years, started yielding results and in 1934 the Saradavilas Commercial Institute was founded and in 1945, the Saradavilas “Intermediate College” was started with all enthusiasm and was affiliated to the University of Mysore.

There is a swift progress from 1948 onwards, with the intermediate college moving to its own “New Building” and the college becoming a First Grade College offering B.Sc., course in 1952.

On parallel development the Saradavilas Law College was started in 1954 and in 1961, the Saradavilas Girl’s High School was started.

The Saradavilas English Medium Pre-Primary upto VII Standard was started in 1992. To this list was added, in 1992-93, the Saradavilas Pharmacy College for D’pharma course. B’pharma was added in 2004 to make it a full-fledged, Pharmacy College.

The building and structured, and the “Centenary Hall” are situated in a sprawling 10 acres of land in the heart of Mysore City adding aesthetic and architectural beauty to the city, with an Education overtone.

Saradavilas Educational Institutions has occupied a very significant place in the Educational map of Karnataka, and it is one of the prestigious and oldest Educational Institution in South India. It has made a significant contribution for the development of education and rendered invaluable services to the students in shaping their destinies. Thousands who have had their education at Sarada Vilas are occupying coveted positions in life, contributing their mite at national and inter-national level in political, Technological ad Academic fields, and have proved to be worthy of this institution.

This institution has a team of highly devoted and specially qualified personnel, who form the backbone of the organization. The management is proud of these personnel, the Professors, Readers and Lecturers and is giving all encouragement to develop their faculties to serve best the cause of Education. The Non-teaching cadre is specially devoted to their job, adding significant contributive services to the development of these institutions. The management has all the appreciation for these teaching and non-teaching members of staff for their trust worthy and dedicated services.

The Saradavilas Educational Institutions has a leading role to pay in the cause of Education and solicits the co-operation of one and all, in this nation-building process through Education.

The shift to modern type of education came from the "Grand old man" of Mysore, Late Sri.M.Venkatakrishnaiah during 1919, by starting Sarada Vilas High School, with himself as Secretary and the Late Dr. K.R.Ramaswamy as the Headmaster. Today Sarada Vilas Educational Institutions imparts education in almost all fields. The sister institutions run by the institution are:

  • Sarada Vilas Primary School (English)
  • Sarada Vilas Boys’ High School
  • Sarada Vilas Girls’ High School
  • Sarada Vilas Pre-University College
  • Sarada Vilas College
  • Sarada Vilas Teachers College
  • Sarada Vilas College of Pharmacy
  • Sarada Vilas Law College

Sarada Vilas Teachers College: Sarada Vilas Teachers College is a premier College of Teacher Education in India. The College was started in 1963. The management of the college is vested in Sarada Vilas Educational Institutions ®, Karnataka registered under Mysore Society Registration Act III of 1904 on 23 rd April 1947.

The Sarada Vilas Teachers College has a leading role to play to the cause of education. The college started in 1963 with M.N. Ramachandra Jois as the first Principal in 25 th July 1963.

The college got Permanent affiliation status from University of Mysore in 1970: UOM Permanent Affiliation No.ED25 UAC 70No.AFF/71-72.The college is recognised under 12 (B) & 2 (f) status of UGC.

The college is recognised by NCTE under Sec.14 (3) of NCTE Act 1993/July 1996. It was permitted to take up Bachelor of Education course for 2 units of 50 students for 2 year B.Ed course with CBCS & CAGP pattern (Gazette of India:No.64926/F.SRO/NCTE/APSO 2373/B:Ed/KA2015-16.)

Motto: “Vidya Viveka Janani” which literally means “Education is the Mother of wisdom.”

Vision: “To be a premier Teacher Education Institute and Centre of Excellence producing trained graduates who are conscientious teachers and citizens of the world at large.”

Mission: To contribute to the community physically and mentally healthy, intellectually refined, socially responsible, morally upright, emotionally poised and spiritually elevated secondary school teachers.

Values : To Instil, Nourish & Develop among student teachers

  • Values: democratic, socialistic, aesthetic and secular
  • Creative thinking
  • Critical thinking
  • Eco-friendly attitude
  • Respect for the rights of people.

Objectives: Institution aims at the following objectives:

  • Making pupil teachers proficient to understand the existing educational scenario.
  • Developing leadership qualities among pupil teachers.
  • Sensitizing pupil teachers to the subtleties of social changes.
  • Inculcating democratic human values among the pupil teachers.
  • Developing skill of appreciation of different art forms.
  • Enhancing the skill of communication of pupil teachers.
  • Preparing the pupil teachers for the ICT.
  • Developing the responsibilities towards maintaining a favourable environment, eco-friendly values and habits.
  • To draw out, bring out the hidden talents of pupil teachers through various curricular, co-curricular activities.
  • To develop dignity of labour by indulging them in various activities.

Sarada Vilas Teachers College has the able administration of of these principals since its inception.

1. Sri.M.N. Ramachandra Jois
  M.A., B.L., M. Ed
  (25/07/1963 to 30/09/1966 & 01/09/1968 to 30/06/1971)
2. Sri.B.N.Ramashesha Rao
  01/10/1966 to 31/08/1968
3. Sri.H.S. Srinivasa Raghavachar
  B.Sc., M.Ed
  01/07/1971 to 31/05/1983
4. Sri.K.R. Madhusudan
  01/06/1983 to 24/04/1993
5. Sri.T.A. Laxminarayan
  M.A., B.Sc., M. Ed
  25/04/1993 to 31/07/1996
6. Sri.T.S Gopalakrishna
  01/08/1996 to 31/12/1998
7. Sri. H.S.Umesha
  M.A., B.Sc., M.Ed
  01/01/1999 to 31/01/2014
8. Dr.P.S.Suresh
  M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D
  01/02/2014 to 30/06/2020
9. Dr.Leela.K.S
  01/07/2020 till date