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Sarada Vilas Teachers College Mysore

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Welcome to Sarada Vilas Teachers College
Department of Mathematics


     Sarada Vilas Teachers College is a teacher education institution located in Mysore, Karnataka, India. The college was established in 1963 and is affiliated to the University of Mysore. 

     The college has a Mathematics department that provides instruction in Pedagogy of teaching Mathematics to students pursuing teaching. The Mathematics department in charge Dr Manjunath H M an experienced faculty member who holds advanced degrees in Mathematics. The department aims to provide students with a solid foundation in Mathematics theory and practice, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to teach Mathematics effectively to students.

      The college also provides professional development opportunities for teachers and educators to enhance their Mathematics teaching skills. This may include workshops, seminars, models making and charts making and practical.

     The department of mathematics also has a club called "INSPIRE". This club conducts seminars, celebration of national and world mathematics day, special lectures by guest lecturers and many more. Mathematics department in the teacher's college also collaborates with other departments within the college to share resources, expertise, and best practices in Mathematics education.

     Overall the department of mathematics provides very good quality of education and also emphasis on hands on experience and brings out quality teachers.