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Sarada Vilas Teachers College Mysore

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Welcome to Sarada Vilas Teachers College
Department of Biological Science


To develop a Biological Science Teacher Community that has a wider perspective of the living world and managing the natural resources for successful survival of the living community; that promote a rational thinking, problem solving skills and environmental attitude among their students; Generate new knowledge, Integrate Instruction and Community service with constructive contributions for the sustainable life system on planet Earth.


Prepare well-trained, resourceful and enthusiastic teachers for their future academic endeavors by providing a quality learning environment. Sufficient scope and opportunities are given to every student with blended Teaching-Research- Community exposure for understanding the biological community so as to enable them solve the problems related to life systems. Each student-teacher is trained to have both Instructional and Nurturant effects on their students so as to enable them understand the intricacies of living world. Each student-teacher is well prepared for Formulating Instructional Objectives, Develop Constructive Curriculum, transact the same and evaluate using objective techniques and tools. The Department is committed to serve every individual student for the development of both Content and Pedagogical Competencies related to Biological Science. Efforts are continuously on for evolving and improving expertise and leadership in science education and especially in biological Science. The department tries to provide high-quality biology education (Content-cum-Methodology) for every individual student-teacher with an emphasis on experiential learning so as to build public understanding of the living world through educational outreach activities.

Dr. H N Vishwanath,
Asst. Professor
Sarada Vilas Teachers College

Biology Laboratory: The department has a well equipped Laboratory with all the specimens, models, charts and devices / equipments that can be used contextually for teaching the concepts prescribed at secondary level – both State and CBSC curriculum.

Sl. No. Activities Planned Date
1 Introduction – Ice Breaking  
2 Orientation to the syllabus  
3 Orientation on Sec. School Science Text Books  
4 Workshop on Content Analysis  
5 Orientation to different Approaches of Teaching science  
6 Workshop on Writing Instructional Objectives  
7 Orientation on Models of Teaching  
8 Orientation to Different Methods of Teaching  
9 Workshop on Programmed Instruction / PLM  
10 Orientation to different Approaches of Teaching science  
11 Micro-Teaching  
12 Tutorials  
13 Seminars  
14 Work shop on Chart making  
15 Workshop on Model making  

Dr. H N Vishwanath


Department of Biology